Ballerup among the quickest in Denmark for approving construction projects

Ballerup Municipality is one of the quickest municipalities in Denmark for processing construction projects. And this is in spite of the fact that the municipality is currently experiencing a ‘construction boom’.

12. maj 2020

New detached houses, apartment buildings and commercial developments are springing up in many places all around Ballerup Municipality. You might think that the sheer number of new projects and the increased tempo would extend the processing times for construction projects in Ballerup Municipality – but that is not the case.

Ballerup Municipality is one of the quickest municipalities in Denmark for processing construction projects. This is according to recently published figures from Local Government Denmark (KL).

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Figures from Local Government Denmark show, among other things, that the processing time for a construction project to build a single-family home in Ballerup is just 11 days on average. The national average, in contrast, is 43 days.

“This is an area that we have given political priority. I am therefore pleased that we are positioned right at the forefront. It is important for all contact with the municipality about a construction project to be smooth and simple. Private individuals and companies are often left waiting when all they want to do is break ground and get going. If everything is in order, then the municipality should not be delaying construction,” says mayor Jesper Würtzen (A).

The short processing times have come even as Ballerup Municipality is experiencing a huge construction boom.

“Ballerup Municipality is an attractive municipality to live in. This is reflected in the urban landscape, with several larger construction projects under development right now and many more on the horizon. It is therefore an added bonus that the processing times are as short as they are,” says Jesper Würtzen (A).

Delegation of powers and no fee
There are several reasons why Ballerup Municipality is one of the country’s fastest for getting construction projects off the ground. We have hired an extra employee for processing cases, the construction project fee has been done away with and finally, Ballerup Municipality works using the principle of delegation.

This means that the municipal council has delegated the administration the power to process applications for an exemption from construction and planning legislation. This saves the time that would otherwise have been needed to ask the policy committee for an exemption.