Ballerup Municipality and PensionDanmark to develop residential and business park

A pioneering and sustainable new residential and business park comprised of up to 1000 residential units and 10,000 new workspaces is on the drawing board in the Kildedal area.

3. apr 2020

Ballerup Municipality and PensionDanmark have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a unique and innovative residential and business park in the district of Kildedal in Ballerup Municipality.

The area is being marketed as KILDEDAL and the total area will be 262,000 m2 in size. It will result in the construction of 1000 sustainable residential units as well as facilities for up to 10,000 workspaces. 

“We see great potential in our plans to collaborate with Ballerup Municipality. The ambitions of the project are well aligned with PensionDanmark’s strategic focus to invest in sustainable and innovative construction projects and in the development of urban areas. KILDEDAL can align social responsibility with our goals in order to generate innovation and growth as well as good returns for our members,” says Administrative Director of PensionDanmark, Torben Möger Pedersen.

The intention is for KILDEDAL to place particular focus on life science companies within fields such as MedTech, HealthTeach, BioTech, Artificial Intelligence, etc. as well as the medical and medical device industries. An area in which Ballerup Municipality is already at the forefront.

“Ballerup Municipality is one of the biggest municipalities for life science in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The municipality’s existing businesses therefore offer an already solid eco-system for life science in Greater Copenhagen,” says Jesper Würtzen (A), mayor of Ballerup Municipality.

“Ballerup has had a strong commercial position for many years now thanks to our targeted and long-term efforts. Through this strong partnership on the development of KILDEDAL together with PensionDanmark, we hope to create an area that will promote further growth and development to the benefit of both Ballerup Municipality and of the capital – even the whole of Denmark,” says Jesper Würtzen (A).

The highest of standards within sustainability

The new businesses that come to KILDEDAL will naturally gain access to the already large network of life science companies in the municipality and in Greater Copenhagen. Thus, allowing us to strengthen our already strong network in an environment where established companies and start-ups can share experiences and knowledge – and work in synergy across partnerships and with colleagues all over the world.

KILDEDAL is already home to a wide range of big international companies within life sciences. These include Oticon, Cooper Surgical and Novo Nordisk to name just a few. Beyond that, the development of KILDEDAL also aims to establish an innovative array of services which will bind the area even better together. 

It is not just on the business side of things, however, that KILDEDAL is going to stand out. Its homes will also be unique as they will be built to the highest possible standards within sustainability. It is expected that the construction process will be certified and undertaken in compliance with the DGNB Gold sustainability standard.

The buildings will be equipped with new technologies that seek to ensure the new homes live up to the highest standards within energy efficiency and to guarantee a healthy indoor climate for both new residents and employees alike. 

The potential to become a new engine for Danish growth

When KILDEDAL is fully developed in ten years from now, it will bring Denmark a new and cutting edge residential and business park spread over 262,000 m2. There will be easy access to public transport, motorways, super cycle lanes, Copenhagen Airport and major educational institutions all within a short distance. 

The ambition is for KILDEDAL to help strengthen Denmark’s position in the battle to attract international companies, investments and highly qualified employees who can live and flourish in the immediate vicinity of their workplaces and close to the inviting natural landscapes of Ballerup Municipality.

The development of KILDEDAL is due to begin right away.


  • 262,000 m2 (equivalent to 26 hectares) large residential and business park
  • Approx. 250,000 m2 floor space
  • Up to 10,000 new workspaces
  • Up to 1000 new residential units
  • A mixture of life science and tech companies
  • ​FACTS: Greater Copenhagen
  • 47,000 employed within life sciences in the region
  • 1500 life science companies
  • 77 billion kroner (16%) of Denmark’s GDP comes from the life science industry
  • 16 billion kroner (37%) of the industry’s investments in research are within the field of health
  • The exports of life science companies had a value of 108 billion in 2017 – representing a growth rate of 100% since 2008. This means that the life science industry accounted for 16% of Denmark’s total goods exports in 2017.

FACTS: PensionDanmark

  • PensionDanmark is a customer-owned labour market pension fund which provides pension schemes to 738,000 wage earners. Its members are employed across 24,800 different private and public companies and it is bound by collective agreements between 11 unions and 29 employer associations. PensionDanmark received 14.2 billion kroner in payments in 2018 and its balance sheet stands at 257 million kroner.

FACTS: Ballerup Municipality

  • 48,400 citizens
  • 47,500 jobs of which 6000 are within life sciences
  • Companies in Ballerup contribute to GDP with an index of 330
  • Its companies have growth rates of 11.6%
  • Its companies have a productivity level that is 1.8 times higher than the national average and the highest anywhere in Denmark.
  • 17% of its companies export goods, which is also at a level that is higher than the national average
  • Ballerup has the highest number of international companies localised in the one area