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Lautrup is the largest business park in Ballerup Municipality. Lautrup has Denmark's highest concentration of technological companies, and since the 1970s it has developed into one of Denmark's most significant commercial areas.

Lautrup Business Park is known as Denmark's response to Silicon Valley, with:

  • 5,100 jobs within ICT and technology
  • 5,400 jobs within fintech
  • DTU Diplom Ballerup, the Technical University of Denmark
  • Fruitful collaboration between businesses and DTU Diplom researchers and students
  • Start-up environments

Area: 2.4 km² (7% of the municipality area)

Infrastructure: Located along route O4 and route 211, 1 S-train station (Malmparken)

Industry profiles: ICT, technology, fintech

Examples of businesses: Atea, KMD, NETS, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Fujitsu, Tryg (etc.)

Kildedal is the municipality's second largest business park. It is located in scenic surroundings close to a motorway and has its own S-train station.

Kildedal is a development zone with space for establishing large domiciles and small businesses.
This commercial area will attract businesses on the entire life sciences spectrum in order to support Greater Copenhagen's ecosystem within this area. In other words, it will appeal to businesses working within the pharmaceutical, medtech, biotech and healthtech industries etc.

Area: 0.25 km²

Infrastructure: Located along routes 211 and 233, close to motorway 17, 1 S-train station (Kildedal)

Industry profiles: Life sciences, smart city, green technology

Examples of businesses: Novo Nordisk, Oticon, Cooper Surgical etc.

Måløv Business Park borders on Kildedal Business Park and is easily accessible by car or public transport. Like Kildedal, Måløv Business Park is located in a scenic area with a spectacular view of North Zealand's nature and farms.

Area: 0.75 km²

Infrastructure: Located along route 211, close to motorway 17, 2 S-train stations (Måløv and Kildedal)

Industry profiles: Life sciences, medtech, ICT, technology

Examples of businesses: Novo Nordisk, Cooper Surgical, Eva Solo, Stelvio Automobili, etc.

Ballerup Business Park is located west of Lautrup Business Park, on the border between city and countryside and close to the scenic conservation area of Råmose. The Business Park holds several large medtech and high-tech companies.

Area: 0.5 km²

Infrastructure: Located close to O4, 1 S-train station (Ballerup)

Industry profiles: Life sciences, medtech, commerce, services

Examples of businesses: Ambu, Bosch, Neurosearch, Struers, Symphogen, Jakon (etc.)

Ballerup Industrial Park is located south of Lautrup Business Park and is home to an array of industrial enterprises and high-tech companies.

Area: 1.1 km²

Infrastructure: Located along O4 and route 211, 1 S-train station (Malmparken)

Industry profiles: Industry, commerce

Examples of businesses: LEO Pharma, RMIG (Richard Møller Industrial Group), Toms, SONY Nordic (etc.)

Skovlunde Business Park is an extension of the business park in the neighbouring Municipality of Herlev, and it holds a variety of industrial and service companies.

Area: 0.75 km² (in Ballerup Municipality)

Infrastructure: Located close to motorways E47 and O3 with a future light rail, 2 S-train stations (Skovlunde and Herlev)

Industry profiles: Facility management, media, industry, warehouses

Examples of businesses: ABB, Caverion, Cool Grey, Haas Meincke, Industrivask, etc.

Six business parks - with many of Denmark's largest and most specialised businesses

Ballerup has six business parks that house many of Denmark's largest and most specialised businesses—within three clusters in particular: Life science, ICT and fintech.

Ballerup is one of Greater Copenhagen's greatest municipalities for business and is known for its unique combination of city, business and nature just 20 km from Copenhagen's City Hall Square and 25 km from the airport.

There are both national and international companies in all six business parks.

Ballerup also have 6 development areas.

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Ballerup is a leading business municipality
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