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Several businesses in Ballerup collaborate with DTU Ballerup Campus on research, as well as on the development and testing of prototypes in the technical field

Ballerup Municipality is home to DTU Ballerup Campus, the section of the Technical University of Denmark that educates bachelors of engineering in 17 different fields of study. DTU is ranked high on many lists of universities worldwide that compete to attract the best researchers and students. According to the ranking by the magazine Times Higher Education, DTU is the university in Denmark with the best international outlook.

DTU Ballerup Campus is surrounded by many information and communication technology companies, as well as fintech companies in Lautrup, which is Denmark's response to Silicon Valley. Several of these businesses collaborate with DTU Diplom on research, as well as on the development and testing of prototypes in the technical field.

The municipality's business initiative, BusinessBallerup, is the link between businesses and DTU Ballerup Campus.

Business collaboration
DTU focuses on innovation and problem solving by exposing students to realistic issues faced by the business community in the classroom. Such exposure may, for example, take the form of cases from local businesses where a group of students works out a given problem for the business.

DTU Ballerup Campus collaborates with a large number of businesses all over Denmark every year, but it is the driving force behind student partnerships with a special focus on small and medium-sized businesses.